Source code for autotest.client.autotest_local

import os
import sys
    import autotest.common as common  # pylint: disable=W0611
    rootdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(common.__file__))
    autodir = os.path.join(rootdir, 'client')
    autodirbin = os.path.join(rootdir, 'client', 'bin')
except ImportError:
    import common  # pylint: disable=W0611
    autodirbin = os.path.realpath(sys.argv[0])
    autodir = os.path.dirname(autodirbin)
    sys.path.insert(0, autodirbin)

autodirtest = os.path.join(autodir, "tests")

os.environ['AUTODIR'] = autodir
os.environ['AUTODIRBIN'] = autodirbin
os.environ['AUTODIRTEST'] = autodirtest
os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] = autodirbin

from autotest.client import job
from autotest.client.shared.settings import settings
from autotest.client import cmdparser, optparser

[docs]class AutotestLocalApp: ''' Autotest local app runs tests locally Point it to a control file and let it rock ''' def __init__(self): self._set_parsers() def _set_parsers(self): self.opt_parser = optparser.AutotestLocalOptionParser() self.cmd_parser = cmdparser.CommandParser()
[docs] def usage(self): self.opt_parser.print_help() sys.exit(1)
[docs] def parse_cmdline(self): self.options, args = self.opt_parser.parse_args() if self.options.test_directory is not None: if os.path.isdir(self.options.test_directory): os.environ['CUSTOM_DIR'] = self.options.test_directory else: print "The custom directory specifed does not exist, ignoring it..." self.args = self.cmd_parser.parse_args(args, self.options) # Check for a control file if not in prebuild mode. if len(args) != 1 and self.options.client_test_setup is None: print "Missing control file!" self.usage()
[docs] def main(self): self.parse_cmdline() drop_caches = settings.get_value('CLIENT', 'drop_caches', type=bool, default=True) if self.options.client_test_setup: from autotest.client import setup_job exit_code = 0 try: setup_job.setup_tests(self.options) except Exception: exit_code = 1 sys.exit(exit_code) # JOB: run the specified job control file. job.runjob(os.path.realpath(self.args[0]), drop_caches, self.options)