Source code for autotest.client.harness_simple

The simple harness interface

__author__ = """Copyright Andy Whitcroft, Martin J. Bligh 2006"""

import os

import harness

[docs]class harness_simple(harness.harness): """ The simple server harness Properties: job The job object for this job """ def __init__(self, job, harness_args): """ job The job object for this job """ self.setup(job) self.status = os.fdopen(3, 'w')
[docs] def test_status(self, status, tag): """A test within this job is completing""" if self.status: for line in status.split('\n'): # prepend status messages with # AUTOTEST_STATUS:tag: so that we can tell # which lines were sent by the autotest client pre = 'AUTOTEST_STATUS:%s:' % (tag,) self.status.write(pre + line + '\n') self.status.flush()