Source code for autotest.client.harness_standalone

"""The standalone harness interface

The default interface as required for the standalone reboot helper.

__author__ = """Copyright Andy Whitcroft 2007"""

import logging
import os
import shutil

from autotest.client import utils
from autotest.client.shared import error, distro
from autotest.client.shared.settings import settings

import harness

[docs]class harness_standalone(harness.harness): """The standalone server harness Properties: job The job object for this job """ def __init__(self, job, harness_args): """ job The job object for this job """ self.autodir = os.path.abspath(os.environ['AUTODIR']) self.setup(job) tmpdir = os.path.join(self.autodir, 'tmp') tests_dir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir', default=tmpdir) src = job.control_get() dest = os.path.join(tests_dir, 'control') if os.path.abspath(src) != os.path.abspath(dest): shutil.copyfile(src, dest) job.control_set(dest) def yield_default_initlevel(): """ If we really can't figure out something better, default to '2', which is the case with some debian systems """ init_default = '2' logging.error('Could not determine initlevel, assuming %s' % init_default) return init_default rc = os.path.join(self.autodir, 'tools/autotest') # see if system supports event.d versus systemd versus inittab supports_eventd = os.path.exists('/etc/event.d') supports_systemd = os.path.exists('/etc/systemd') supports_inittab = os.path.exists('/etc/inittab') # This is the best heuristics I can think of for identifying # an embedded system running busybox busybox_system = (os.readlink('/bin/sh') == 'busybox') # Small busybox systems usually use /etc/rc.d/ straight if busybox_system: initdefault = '' elif supports_eventd or supports_systemd: try: # NB: assuming current runlevel is default cmd_result ='/sbin/runlevel', verbose=False) initdefault = cmd_result.stdout.split()[1] except (error.CmdError, IndexError): initdefault = yield_default_initlevel() elif supports_inittab: try: cmd_result ='grep :initdefault: /etc/inittab', verbose=False) initdefault = cmd_result.stdout.split(':')[1] except (error.CmdError, IndexError): initdefault = yield_default_initlevel() else: initdefault = yield_default_initlevel() vendor = distro.detect().name service = '/etc/init.d/autotest' if vendor == 'SUSE': service_link = '/etc/init.d/rc%s.d/S99autotest' % initdefault else: service_link = '/etc/rc%s.d/S99autotest' % initdefault try: if os.path.islink(service): os.remove(service) if os.path.islink(service_link): os.remove(service_link) os.symlink(rc, service) os.symlink(rc, service_link) except (OSError, IOError):"Could not symlink init scripts (lack of permissions)")