Source code for autotest.client.kernel_config

import logging
import os
import shutil

from autotest.client import utils
from autotest.client.shared import error, kernel_versions

[docs]def apply_overrides(orig_file, changes_file, output_file): override = dict() # First suck all the changes into a dictionary. input_file = file(changes_file, 'r') for line in input_file.readlines(): if line.startswith('CONFIG_'): key = line.split('=')[0] override[key] = line elif line.startswith('# CONFIG_'): key = line.split(' ')[1] override[key] = line input_file.close() # Now go through the input file, overriding lines where need be input_file = file(orig_file, 'r') output_file = file(output_file, 'w') for line in input_file.readlines(): if line.startswith('CONFIG_'): key = line.split('=')[0] elif line.startswith('# CONFIG_'): key = line.split(' ')[1] else: key = None if key and key in override: output_file.write(override[key]) else: output_file.write(line) input_file.close() output_file.close()
[docs]def diff_configs(old, new): utils.system('diff -u %s %s > %s' % (old, new, new + '.diff'), ignore_status=True)
[docs]def feature_enabled(feature, config): """ Verify whether a given kernel option is enabled. :param feature: Kernel feature, such as "CONFIG_DEFAULT_UIMAGE". :param config: Config file path, such as /tmp/config. """ return utils.grep('^%s=y' % feature, config)
[docs]def modules_needed(config): return (feature_enabled('CONFIG_MODULES', config) and utils.grep('=m', config))
[docs]def config_by_name(name, s): version = kernel_versions.version_choose_config(name, s[1:]) if version: return s[0] + version return None
[docs]class kernel_config(object): """ Build directory must be ready before init'ing config. Stages: 1. Get original config file 2. Apply overrides 3. Do 'make oldconfig' to update it to current source code (gets done implicitly during the process) You may specifiy the defconfig within the tree to build, or a custom config file you want, or None, to get machine's default config file from the repo. """ def __init__(self, job, build_dir, config_dir, orig_file, overrides, defconfig=False, name=None, make=None): self.build_dir = build_dir self.config_dir = config_dir self.orig_config = os.path.join(config_dir, 'config.orig') running_config = utils.running_config() if running_config is None: running_config = '' if running_config.endswith('.gz'): tmp_running_config = '/tmp/running_config' utils.system('cat %s | gunzip > %s' % (running_config, tmp_running_config)) running_config = tmp_running_config self.running_config = running_config # 1. Get original config file self.build_config = os.path.join(build_dir, '.config') if (orig_file == '' and not defconfig and not make): # use user default s = job.config_get("kernel.default_config_set") defconf = None if s and name: defconf = config_by_name(name, s) if not defconf: defconf = job.config_get("kernel.default_config") if defconf: orig_file = defconf else: if self.running_config: orig_file = self.running_config if (orig_file == '' and not make and defconfig): # use defconfig make = 'defconfig' if (orig_file == '' and make): # use the config command logging.debug("using %s to configure kernel" % make) os.chdir(build_dir) make_return = utils.system('make %s > /dev/null' % make) self.config_record(make) if make_return: raise error.TestError('make %s failed' % make) else: logging.debug("using %s to configure kernel", orig_file) utils.get_file(orig_file, self.orig_config) self.update_config(self.orig_config, self.orig_config + '.new') diff_configs(self.orig_config, self.orig_config + '.new') # 2. Apply overrides if overrides: logging.debug("using %s to re-configure kernel", overrides) self.over_config = os.path.join(config_dir, 'config.over') overrides_local = self.over_config + '.changes' utils.get_file(overrides, overrides_local) apply_overrides(self.build_config, overrides_local, self.over_config) self.update_config(self.over_config, self.over_config + '.new') diff_configs(self.over_config, self.over_config + '.new') else: self.over_config = self.orig_config
[docs] def update_config(self, old_config, new_config=None): os.chdir(self.build_dir) shutil.copyfile(old_config, self.build_config) utils.system('yes "" | make oldconfig > /dev/null') if new_config is not None: shutil.copyfile(self.build_config, new_config)
[docs] def config_record(self, name): """ Copy the current .config file to the config.<name>[.<n>] """ i = 1 to = os.path.join(self.config_dir, 'config.%s' % name) while os.path.exists(to): i += 1 to = os.path.join(self.config_dir, 'config.%s.%d' % (name, i)) shutil.copyfile(os.path.join(self.build_dir, '.config'), to)