Source code for autotest.client.kvm_control

Utilities useful to client control files that test KVM.

from autotest.client import utils
from autotest.client.shared import error

[docs]def get_kvm_arch(): """ Get the kvm kernel module to be loaded based on the CPU architecture :raises: :class:`error.TestError` if no vendor name or cpu flags are found :returns: 'kvm_amd' or 'kvm_intel' or 'kvm_power7' :rtype: `string` """ flags = { 'kvm_amd': "svm", 'kvm_intel': "vmx" } vendor_name = utils.get_cpu_vendor_name() if not vendor_name: raise error.TestError("CPU Must be AMD, Intel or Power7") arch_type = 'kvm_%s' % vendor_name cpu_flag = flags.get(arch_type, None) if cpu_flag is None and vendor_name in ('power7', ): return arch_type if not utils.cpu_has_flags(cpu_flag): raise error.TestError("%s CPU architecture must have %s " "flag active and must be KVM ready" % (arch_type, cpu_flag)) return arch_type
[docs]def load_kvm(): """ Loads the appropriate KVM kernel modules depending on the current CPU architecture :returns: 0 on success or 1 on failure :rtype: `int` """ kvm_arch = get_kvm_arch() def load_module(mod='kvm'): return utils.system('modprobe %s' % mod) loaded = load_module() if not loaded: loaded = load_module(mod=kvm_arch) return loaded
[docs]def unload_kvm(): """ Unloads the current KVM kernel modules ( if loaded ) :returns: 0 on success or 1 on failure :rtype: `int` """ kvm_arch = get_kvm_arch() def unload_module(mod): return utils.system('rmmod %s' % mod) unloaded = unload_module(kvm_arch) if not unloaded: unloaded = unload_module('kvm') return unloaded