Source code for autotest.client.local_host

# Copyright 2009 Google Inc. Released under the GPL v2

This file contains the implementation of a host object for the local machine.

import glob
import os
import platform

from autotest.client import utils
from autotest.client.shared import hosts, error

[docs]class LocalHost(hosts.Host): def _initialize(self, hostname=None, bootloader=None, *args, **dargs): super(LocalHost, self)._initialize(*args, **dargs) # hostname will be an actual hostname when this client was created # by an autoserv process if not hostname: hostname = platform.node() self.hostname = hostname self.bootloader = bootloader
[docs] def wait_up(self, timeout=None): # a local host is always up return True
[docs] def run(self, command, timeout=3600, ignore_status=False, stdout_tee=utils.TEE_TO_LOGS, stderr_tee=utils.TEE_TO_LOGS, stdin=None, args=()): """ :see: """ try: result = command, timeout=timeout, ignore_status=True, stdout_tee=stdout_tee, stderr_tee=stderr_tee, stdin=stdin, args=args) except error.CmdError, e: # this indicates a timeout exception raise error.AutotestHostRunError('command timed out', e.result_obj) if not ignore_status and result.exit_status > 0: raise error.AutotestHostRunError('command execution error', result) return result
[docs] def list_files_glob(self, path_glob): """ Get a list of files on a remote host given a glob pattern path. """ return glob.glob(path_glob)