Source code for autotest.client.xen

__author__ = """Copyright Martin J. Bligh, 2006,
                Copyright IBM Corp. 2006, Ryan Harper <>"""

import os

from autotest.client import kernel, os_dep
from autotest.client import utils

[docs]class xen(kernel.kernel):
[docs] def log(self, msg): print msg self.logfile.write('%s\n' % msg)
def __init__(self, job, base_tree, results_dir, tmp_dir, build_dir, leave=False, kjob=None): # call base-class kernel.kernel.__init__(self, job, base_tree, results_dir, tmp_dir, build_dir, leave) self.kjob = kjob
[docs] def config(self, config_file, config_list=None): raise NotImplementedError('config() not implemented for xen')
[docs] def build(self, make_opts='', logfile='', extraversion='autotest'): """build xen make_opts additional options to make, if any """ self.log('running build') os_dep.commands('gcc', 'make') # build xen with extraversion flag os.environ['XEN_EXTRAVERSION'] = '-unstable-%s' % extraversion if logfile == '': logfile = os.path.join(self.log_dir, 'xen_build') os.chdir(self.build_dir) self.log('log_dir: %s ' % self.log_dir) self.job.logging.tee_redirect_debug_dir(self.log_dir, log_name=logfile) # build xen hypervisor and user-space tools targets = ['xen', 'tools'] threads = 2 * utils.count_cpus() for t in targets: build_string = 'make -j %d %s %s' % (threads, make_opts, t) self.log('build_string: %s' % build_string) utils.system(build_string) # make a kernel job out of the kernel from the xen src if one isn't provided if self.kjob is None: # get xen kernel tree ready self.log("prep-ing xen'ified kernel source tree") utils.system('make prep-kernels') v = self.get_xen_kernel_build_ver() self.log('building xen kernel version: %s' % v) # build xen-ified kernel in xen tree kernel_base_tree = os.path.join(self.build_dir, 'linux-%s' % self.get_xen_kernel_build_ver()) self.log('kernel_base_tree = %s' % kernel_base_tree) # fix up XENGUEST value in EXTRAVERSION; we can't have # files with '$(XENGEUST)' in the name, =( self.fix_up_xen_kernel_makefile(kernel_base_tree) # make the kernel job self.kjob = self.job.kernel(kernel_base_tree) # hardcoding dom0 config (no modules for testing, yay!) # FIXME: probe host to determine which config to pick c = self.build_dir + '/buildconfigs/linux-defconfig_xen0_x86_32' self.log('using kernel config: %s ' % c) self.kjob.config(c) # Xen's kernel tree sucks; doesn't use bzImage, but vmlinux self.kjob.set_build_target('vmlinuz') # also, the vmlinuz is not out in arch/*/boot, ARGH! more hackery self.kjob.set_build_image(self.job.tmpdir + '/build/linux/vmlinuz') self.job.logging.restore() xen_version = self.get_xen_build_ver() self.log('BUILD VERSION: Xen: %s Kernel:%s' % (xen_version, self.kjob.get_kernel_build_ver()))
[docs] def build_timed(self, *args, **kwds): raise NotImplementedError('build_timed() not implemented')
[docs] def install(self, tag='', prefix='/', extraversion='autotest'): """make install in the kernel tree""" self.log('Installing ...') os.chdir(self.build_dir) if not os.path.isdir(prefix): os.mkdir(prefix) self.boot_dir = os.path.join(prefix, 'boot') if not os.path.isdir(self.boot_dir): os.mkdir(self.boot_dir) # remember what we are going to install xen_version = '%s-%s' % (self.get_xen_build_ver(), extraversion) self.xen_image = self.boot_dir + '/xen-' + xen_version + '.gz' self.xen_syms = self.boot_dir + '/xen-syms-' + xen_version self.log('Installing Xen ...') os.environ['XEN_EXTRAVERSION'] = '-unstable-%s' % extraversion # install xen utils.system('make DESTDIR=%s -C xen install' % prefix) # install tools utils.system('make DESTDIR=%s -C tools install' % prefix) # install kernel ktag = self.kjob.get_kernel_build_ver() kprefix = prefix self.kjob.install(tag=ktag, prefix=kprefix)
[docs] def add_to_bootloader(self, tag='autotest', args=''): """ add this kernel to bootloader, taking an optional parameter of space separated parameters e.g.: kernel.add_to_bootloader('mykernel', 'ro acpi=off') """ # turn on xen mode self.job.bootloader.enable_xen_mode() # remove existing entry if present self.job.bootloader.remove_kernel(tag) # add xen and xen kernel self.job.bootloader.add_kernel( self.kjob.image, tag, initrd=self.kjob.initrd, xen_hypervisor=self.xen_image) # if no args passed, populate from /proc/cmdline if not args: args = open('/proc/cmdline', 'r').readline().strip() # add args to entry one at a time for a in args.split(' '): self.job.bootloader.add_args(tag, a) # turn off xen mode self.job.bootloader.disable_xen_mode()
[docs] def get_xen_kernel_build_ver(self): """Check xen buildconfig for current kernel version""" version = patchlevel = sublevel = '' extraversion = localversion = '' version_file = self.build_dir + '/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen' for line in open(version_file, 'r').readlines(): if line.startswith('LINUX_VER'): start = line.index('=') + 1 version = line[start:].strip() + "-xen" break return version
[docs] def fix_up_xen_kernel_makefile(self, kernel_dir): """Fix up broken EXTRAVERSION in xen-ified Linux kernel Makefile""" xenguest = '' makefile = kernel_dir + '/Makefile' for line in open(makefile, 'r').readlines(): if line.startswith('XENGUEST'): start = line.index('=') + 1 xenguest = line[start:].strip() break # change out $XENGUEST in EXTRAVERSION line utils.system('sed -i.old "s,\$(XENGUEST),%s," %s' % (xenguest, makefile))
[docs] def get_xen_build_ver(self): """Check Makefile and .config to return kernel version""" version = patchlevel = sublevel = '' extraversion = localversion = '' for line in open(self.build_dir + '/xen/Makefile', 'r').readlines(): if line.startswith('export XEN_VERSION'): start = line.index('=') + 1 version = line[start:].strip() if line.startswith('export XEN_SUBVERSION'): start = line.index('=') + 1 sublevel = line[start:].strip() if line.startswith('export XEN_EXTRAVERSION'): start = line.index('=') + 1 extraversion = line[start:].strip() return "%s.%s%s" % (version, sublevel, extraversion)