lttng Package

lttng Module

Trace kernel events with Linux Tracing Toolkit (lttng). You need to install the lttng patched kernel in order to use the profiler.


job.profilers.add('lttng', tracepoints = None): enable all trace points.
job.profilers.add('lttng', tracepoints = []): disable all trace points.
job.profilers.add('lttng', tracepoints = ['kernel_arch_syscall_entry',

will only trace syscall events. Take a look at /proc/ltt for the list of the tracing events currently supported by lttng and their output formats.

To view the collected traces, copy results/your-test/profiler/lttng to a machine that has Linux Tracing Toolkit Viewer (lttv) installed:

test$ scp -r results/your-test/profiler/lttng user@localmachine:/home/tmp/

Then you can examine the traces either in text mode or in GUI:

localmachine$ lttv -m textDump -t /home/tmp/lttng


localmachine$ lttv-gui -t /home/tmp/lttng &
class autotest.client.profilers.lttng.lttng.lttng(job)[source]

Bases: autotest.client.profiler.profiler

initialize(outputsize=1048576, tracepoints=None, **dargs)[source]
setup(tarball='ltt-control-0.51-12082008.tar.gz', **dargs)[source]
version = 1