Autotest Development Community Size

After re-consideration about the subject, in April 2012 we have rewritten the entire autotest tree history. Autotest was a project kept on svn for about 6 years, and for a long time there was an unofficial git-svn mirror, that after we adopted git as the official reference, we just kept that mirror.

Obviously this does not play well with the traditional tools to verify stats on git, so that’s why we decided to rewrite. Now you can see the individual authors that contributed since the inception of the project:

$ git shortlog -s | wc -l

And all other fun git statistics, such as the number of organizations that contributed resources to some extent to the project

$ git shortlog -se | sed -e 's/.*@//g' -e 's/\W*$//g' | sort | uniq | grep -v "<"

As not all of them are strictly institutions, and there are different domains from the same root company, we can estimate about 30 institutions.

Have fun with your git stats, enjoy!