Job and Host Statuses

Job Statuses

  • Queued – the job is waiting for machines to become ready and/or accessible, or the scheduler has simply not picked up the job yet. A job can go back to this state from Verifying when a machine fails verify and goes to repair.
  • Verifying – the job is going through pre-job cleanup and/or verification. See host statuses Cleaning and Verifying. This is controlled by the job options reboot before and skip verify and well as by Host Protections (namely Do not verify).
  • Pending – the job is ready to run on this host but is waiting for other hosts because it’s a synchronous job.
  • Starting – the job is about to start. Jobs should only stay in this state when the system is at its capacity limit.
  • Running – the job is running (Autoserv is actively running on the server).
  • Gathering – after Autoserv is aborted (or otherwise unexpectedly killed), a job will enter this state to gather uncollected logs and crash information from the machine under test. This stage will also wait several hours for the machine to come back if it went down.
  • Parsing – the parser is running a final reparse of job results. This stage should be very brief unless the system is under heavy load, in which case parses are throttled by the results database.
  • Completed – the job is over and Autoserv completed successfully (note that functional tests may have failed, but the job ran all tests without error).
  • Failed – the job is over and Autoserv exited with some failure.
  • Aborted – the job is over and was aborted.

Host Statuses

  • Ready – the host is idle and ready to run.
  • Cleaning – the host is running pre-job, post-job, or post-abort cleanup (see job options reboot before and reboot after). The cleanup phase includes rebooting the host and, optionally, site-specific cleanup tasks.
  • Verifying – the host is running pre-job or post-abort verify (see job option skip verify). The verify phase checks for basic connectivity, disk space requirements, and, optionally, site-specific conditions.
  • Repairing – the host is undergoing attempted repair; this includes rebooting, waiting for the host to come up, clearing off disks, and, optionally, site-specific extensions. This is controlled by Host Protections.
  • Pending – see the job state Pending.
  • Running – the host is being held for a running job. This includes time that Autoserv is actually running (job state Running) as well as the job Gathering phase.
  • Repair Failed – the host failed repair and it currently assumed to be in an unusable state. Scheduling a new job against this host will reset it to the Ready state.

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