TKO parse documentationΒΆ

usage: parse [options]

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -m          Send mail for FAILED tests
  -r          Reparse the results of a job
  -o          one: parse a single results directory
  -l LEVEL    levels of subdirectories to include in job name

Typical usages:

To populate the database with ALL results.

tko/parse $AUTODIR/results

To recreate the database (from some corruption, etc). First drop all the tables, and recreate them. Then run:

tko/parse -r $AUTODIR/results

To reparse a single job’s results

tko/parse -r -o $AUTODIR/results/666-me

To reparse a single machine’s results within a job:

tko/parse -r -l 2 -o $AUTODIR/results/666-me/machine1

The -l2 here makes it create the job as “666-me/machine1” instead of “machine1”, which is normally what we want. it just says “take the last 2 elements of the path, not the last one”.