External downloadable tests

As well as executing built-in tests it is possible to execute external tests. This allows non-standard tests to be constructed and executed without any requirement to modify the installed Autotest client.

Executing Tests

A downloadable test is triggered and run in the standard way via the run_test method, but specifying a URL to a tarball of the test:


This will download, install, and execute the test as if it were built-in.

Constructing external downloadable tests

External downloadable tests consist of a bzip’ed tarball of the contents of a test directory. Things that need to match:

  1. The name of the tarball, i.g. my_test.tar.bz2
  2. The name of the primary Python file, i.g. my_test.py
  3. The name of the test class itself, i.e. class my_test(test.test):


$ cat example_test/my_test.py
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test

class my_test(test.test):
    version = 1

    def initialize(self):
        print "INIT"

    def run_once(self):
        print "RUN"

$ tar -C example_test -jcvf my_test.tar.bz2 .


You should not pack “example_test” directory but the contents of it. Files must be at the root of the archive.