Keyval files in Autotest

There are several “keyval” files in the results directory. These take the simple form


Below we describe what information is in which file.

Job level keyval

This file contains high level information about the job such as when it was queued, started, finished, the username of the submitter, and what machines are involved.

Synchronous multi-machine jobs

When running a multi-machine job synchronously, you will end up with multiple “job level” keyval files; at the very least, one upper-level keyval file in the root results directory, and one in each machine subdirectory. In the results database each machine will be interpreted as a separate set of results, with the total job keyval data being composed of data from the “uppermost” of the keyval files (i.e. the single job level keyval in the root dir). The single exception to this is the hostname field - this is taken from the machine directory.

Test level keyval

This file contains the version of the test, and some per-test system information (parsed from the sysinfo dir) so that we can load it up into the database easily.

Results level keyval

This file contains performance information for a test. Maybe something like


If we ran multiple iterations of a test, there will be repeteaed keyvals in there, separated by a blank line: