Virt Test specific configuration

Important server configuration for virt-test

The way the virt control file is organized right now requires the user to change one value on global_config.ini file, that should be at the top of the autotest tree.

As autotest, please change the following configuration value from what’s default to make it look like this:

serve_packages_from_autoserv: False

By default, the above value is True. To make a long story short, changing this value will make autoserv to copy all tests to the server before trying to execute the control file, and this is necessary for the kvm control file to run. Also, we need the other tests present to run autotest tests inside guests.

Update virt test config files

Run /usr/local/autotest/client/tests/virt/qemu/ as autotest to be guided through the process of setting up the autotest config files. Edit the files to suit your testing needs.

The server is now ready to use. Please check out the following sections to learn how to configure remote hosts and execute the KVM test suite.

Analyze virt job execution results

The results interface provided by autotest allowing SQL query based filtering, usable display of logs and test attributes and graphing capabilities.

However, any autotest job also produces a detailed, formatted html report (job_report.html) per remote host tested in addition to standard autotest logs, where kvm-autotest results data is nicely organized. The html reports are stored in the job main results directory (accessible via raw results logs link).