Using the autotest package management with autoserv

This document will go over how to setup your Global Configuration to use your Autotest server as a packaging repository. After that there will be a section going over how to add another seperate machine as a remote repository for packages.

By setting up packaging in Autotest you can reduce the amount of files transferred to clients running jobs which generally descreases the amount of setup time Autotest has to do for clients.

Setting up your Autotest server as a packaging repository

This section assumes you already have AFE and TKO running properly as outlined in the Autotest Server Install documentation, if this isn’t the case it is left up to the reader to ensure Apache is running and able to serve files out of the directory they reference in the fetch_locations below.

In order for packaging to work we need to add the following section to our global config.

fetch_location: http://your_autotest_server/packages/builtin, http://your_autotest_server/packages/custom
upload_location: /usr/local/autotest/packages/builtin
custom_upload_location: /usr/local/autotest/packages/custom/
custom_download_location: /usr/local/autotest/custom_packages


fetch_location: is what the client uses when downloading tests. The order that these are listed are the order they are used by the Autotest client. We have an entry for both custom and builtin tests since Autotest doesn’t directly discern between custom packages and builtin packages. We keep them separate so we have to list both locations. It is up to you to keep these separate but we prefer to do this for clarity.

upload_location: /usr/local/autotest/utils/ uses this location to determine where it needs to upload files. For example when you run upload –all all tests profilers and dependencies in your tree will be archived and copied either via scp or cp (depending on if it is local or remote)

custom_upload_location: This is for custom tests and kernels uploaded through the frontened or via the command line.

custom_download_location: This is the location where Autotest puts packages users upload through the frontend before it is uploaded to your http repository.

Adding a SSH/HTTP Repository

For a remote repository we use SSH and HTTP. SSH For transferring files to the machine and http to serve the tests to the clients running jobs. We chose HTTP for lower overhead transfers (for files that are extremely large).

This step assumes the user is familiar with setting up Apache (At the very least barebones to serve files) and keyless SSH.


  • Passwordless SSH for the user defined http repo below
  • Apache setup to serve files out of the directory specified below (In this case /var/www/packages/builtin)

Using the above PACKAGES section we add in three new pieces of information

fetch_location: http://your_http_repo_hostname/packages/builtin, http://your_http_repo_hostname/packages/custom, http://your_autotest_server/packages/builtin, http://your_autotest_server/packages/custom
upload_location: /usr/local/autotest/packages/builtin, ssh://root@your_http_repo_hostname/var/www/packages/builtin
custom_upload_location: /usr/local/autotest/packages/custom/, ssh://root@your_http_repo_hostname/var/www/packages/custom
custom_download_location: /usr/local/autotest/custom_packages