Existing Graphing Scripts Frontend

The Existing graphing scripts frontend is a graphical frontend to some existing graphing CGI scripts in TKO.


Interface Options

  • Normalize Performance: This checkbox allows you to normalize the performance numbers to percent differences instead of absolute numbers. Checking this option also allows you to select more than one benchmark at a time in the Benchmark control.
  • Hostname: Name of the machine you want to analyze. As you begin typing, this textbox will show suggested completions based on all the hosts present in your TKO database.
  • Benchmark: This control will either be a drop-down box or a multiple-select box, depending on if Normalize Performance is checked or not. Select the benchmarks you want to analyze here. Only kernbench, dbench, tbench, unixbench, and iozone are supported.
  • Kernel: Specify the kernels that you want to have appear on the x-axis, or all for all versions with data matching the hostname and benchmark specifications above.