Using the Machine Qualification Histogram Frontend

The Machine qualification histogram frontend is able to generate a histogram of test pass rates for a specified set of tests and machines. The histogram shows bins of configurable size for pass rates between 0 and 100, exclusive, as well as special bins for 0% and 100% pass rates. There is also an “N/A” bin, which shows the machines that did not run any of the tests that you specified to analyze.


Using the Interface

Interface Options

  • Graph Type: Set to “Machine Qualification Histogram” to show this interface.
  • Preconfigured: Select a preconfigured graphing query. Use this to automatically populate the fields in the interface to a preconfigured example. You may then submit the query for plotting as is, or edit the fields to modify the query. See Graphing Pre Configs to more information about preconfigured queries.
  • Global filters: Set the filters on the machines you would like to see. Any machine that satisfies the filter will be plotted in the histogram in some way. See GraphingFilters for more information on setting a filter.
  • Test set filters: Set the filters on the tests that you want to analyze. The pass rates for what you enter in this filter will be plotted on the histogram. If a machine satisfies the Global filters above but has not run any tests that satisfy the Test set filters, it will appear in the “N/A” bin. See GraphingFilters for more information on setting a filter.
  • Interval: Configure the size of each bin. For example, an interval of 5 means that the bins should be 0%-5%, 5%-10%, etc.

Interacting with the Graph

The four main actions you can do on the graph are:

  • Hover: Hovering the cursor over a bar shows a tooltip displaying the boundaries of the bin and the number of machines in that bin.
  • Click: Clicking on a bar jumps to the Table view, automatically configured to show the specific machines and pass rates in that bin.
  • Embed: Clicking the [Link to this Graph] link at the bottom-right of the generated plot displays an HTML snippet you can paste into a webpage to embed the graph. The embedded graph updates with live data at a specified refresh rate (as the max_age URL parameter, which is in minutes), and show an indication of the last time it was updated. Clicking on the embedded graph links to the Machine qualification histogram frontend, automatically populated with the query that will generate the graph.
  • Save: The graph is delivered as a PNG image, so you can simply right-click it and save it if you want a snapshot of the graph at a certain point in time.