ACL Behavior Reference

The following is a reference for the actions that ACLs restrict.


  • Users must be in some ACL with a host to modify or delete the host and to add the host to an ACL group.


  • For jobs scheduled against individual hosts, the user must be in some ACL with the host.
  • The owner of a job may abort the job. Any other user with ACL access to a host can abort that host for any job, unless the host is in the ‘Everyone’ ACL.

ACL Groups

  • To add or remove users/hosts in an ACL, the user must be a member of that ACL.
  • The ‘Everyone’ ACL cannot be modified or deleted.
  • When a host is added to an ACL other than ‘Everyone’, it is automatically removed from ‘Everyone’. As long as it is a member of some other ACL it will always be automatically removed from ‘Everyone’.
  • When a host is removed from all ACL, it is automatically added to ‘Everyone’.


Superusers can bypass most of these restrictions. The only thing a superuser cannot do is delete the ‘Everyone’ group. To create a superuser, run the script at <autotest_root>/frontend/, with the username as a command-line parameter.