Autoserv message logging specificationΒΆ

  1. All output for the job, and any tests in it should go in debug/
  2. All output within a parallel_simple() subcommand should also go in $hostname/debug (for parallel_simple() over hostnames)
  3. All output during any test should also go in $testname/debug/
  4. We should not buffer beyond one message
  5. All lines in the output should be tagged with the logging prefix (for multi-line messages, that means one tag per line, so grep works)
    • the prefix is “[m/d H:M:S level module]”, i.e. “[06/08 16:39:17 DEBUG utils]”
  6. All output from subcommands is logged, by default at DEBUG level for stdout and ERROR level for stderr
  7. All print statements to stdout/stderr get logged with levels DEBUG and ERROR respectively. Ideally we’d like to convert all print statements into logging calls but that probably won’t happen any time soon.
  8. In each debug/ directory, there are two log files kept:
    • All debug level messages and above in autoserv.stdout
    • All error level messages and above in autoserv.stderr