Autoserv Client InstallΒΆ

When you install an Autotest client from a server side control file, either manually using Autotest.install or automatically when running a client control file using autoserv, autoserv has to determine a location on the remote host to install the client.

If you need the client installed in a specific location then the most direct solution is to pass in an autodir parameter to Autotest.install since this will disable any automatic determination and just use the provided path. However in the case that this is not possible or practical then the following sources are checked for a path and the first one found is used:

  1. The result of calling Host.get_autodir if it returns a value
  2. The dirname of the target of the /etc/autotest.conf symlink on the remote machine
  3. /usr/local/autotest if it exists on the remote machine
  4. /home/autotest if it exists on the remote machine
  5. /usr/local/autotest even if it doesn’t exist

Note that an Autotest client install will itself call Host.set_autodir to set it to the install location it ended up using.